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Dry verge systems look great – and are built to last

Eventually, every piece of mortar in every roof will need replacing. Homeowners across the North West of England can benefit from this more robust, modern method of roofing, which is designed to weather the elements more effectively and stand the test of time.

But what is a dry verge system?

First things first – a dry verge system is probably not what you have now. In contrast, a wet verge system is comprised of sand and cement-filled mortar, which will inevitably crack, and even fall out, over time.

The dry ridge system is built to combat this natural deterioration. Using interlocking, dry verge caps, which are individually screwed and fastened to the roof battens, the dry verge system is simply a much more durable alternative to the wet verge.

Adaptable enough to accommodate both tiled and slate roofs, the linear smart verge is often used as a dry fix system for low profile and slate roofs. However, when it comes to an entirely new roof, the cloaked verge tiles are an even more modern option – and cost no more than a standard dry verge system, per square metre.


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